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Sawal Yeh Hai 26th October 2012

Sawal Yeh Hai 26th October 2012

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  • ch anwar aziz

    Court is very right in saying that due to lack of witnesses , criminals are released . Reason is that Police do not present athenticated proves of crime. She takes the roads of simple asking victims ,at whom you suspect , then chitrole and tashuded on innocent people to accept but taking bribe from the real culprit. If you see detective films ,we see that there are scientific way to prove the crimes ,not just capturing relatives and beating them . People do not witness because once witnessed in court , witness id dragged many times in the court while the defender is not forced to present himself in the court . Their defending lawyers makes many excuses like sickness, going abroad. Police should ask witness but not present in the court. collect clues on witnesses on scientific ways and then justice is very much possible